Dr. Eugene Clark Library
Title Name Number
Fax Number 512-398-8316
Director of Library Services Bertha Martinez 512-398-3223
Electric Department
Title Name Number
Electric Superintendent Bobby Leos 512-398-6117
Electric Crew Foreman Pete Rodriguez 512-398-6117
Fire Department
Title Name Number
Fire Chief Randy Jenkins 512-398-2321
Fire Marshal Vacant
Fax Number 512-620-0001
Municipal Court
Title Name Number
Fax Number 512-620-0150
Municipal Court Manager Erin Westmoreland 512-376-9469
Public Safety
Title Name Number
Chief of Police Ernest Pedraza 512-398-4401
Police Captain John Roescher 512-398-4401
EMS Director James Jewell 512-398-7320
Animal Control Manager Jeanne Pedergrass 512-376-3336
Public Works Department
Title Name Number
Public Works Director Sean Kelley 512-398-6452
Parks & Cemetery Manager Chris Sager 512-398-6452
Fax Number 512-398-9134
Technology Center
Title Name Number
City Training Coordinator Mark Diaz 512-398-3223
Water/Wastewater Department
Title Name Number
Water/Wastewater Superintendent Sean Kelley 512-398-3615
Water/Wastewater Supervisor Joe Chavira 512-398-3615
Fax Number 512-398-5039